The New England Aquarium’s Marine Conservation Action Fund (MCAF) aims to protect and promote ocean biodiversity through funding of small-scale, time-sensitive, community-based programs.

MCAF is a unique and effective micro-funding program that funds seven to ten projects per year that have proved effective to solve indigenous problems with wide implications for ocean and marine animal health—from saving river dolphins in Pakistan to creating a marine mammal stranding network in Iran to protecting manta rays in Peru and Sri Lanka.

Since its founding in 1999, MCAF has funded more than 130 key projects around the world, administered by conservation leaders who are catalyzing positive change for the ocean. The Aquarium develops enduring relationships with these programs to foster their continued growth.

MCAF is made possible by the generosity of individual donors as well as the Curtis and Edith Munson Foundation, the New England Biolabs Foundation and past support from the Oak Foundation. MCAF’s advisory board is made up of Aquarium scientists and internationally known experts who donate their time to review proposals and guide MCAF’s funding decisions.

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Funding Inquiries

For funding inquiries, please send a paragraph about your project along with an approximate budget to the MCAF Manager. MCAF awards grants between $3,000 and $10,000 and currently gives priority to projects in developing countries.

For more information on funding guidelines, or to support MCAF, please contact:

Elizabeth Stephenson
Marine Conservation Action Fund Manager
Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life
at the New England Aquarium
Central Wharf
Boston, MA 02110