The Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life at the New England Aquarium will pair the Aquarium’s established reputation for applied marine research and data-driven conservation with strategic communication to inform global stakeholders on the most pressing threats to ocean life.

We will use innovative research and our convening power as a public institution to advance cross-sector solutions—helping to build collaborations among scientists, policymakers, engineers, fishermen, conservation advocates, and the seafood industry.

A significant focal point is Marine Mammal Research and Conservation. We will apply lessons learned from studying the North Atlantic right whale to other whale and marine mammal species.

a scuba diver swims over rows of cultivated seaweed

Fisheries and Aquaculture Solutions

We will advance science-based management of commercial and recreational fishing to help restore and sustain key fish stocks in the North Atlantic.

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colorful fish schooling

Habitat and Ecosystem Health

We will continue to build capacity for marine conservation to protect highly vulnerable species and habitats.

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large leatherback sea turtle is released from back of boat

Marine Animal Health

We will address strategies for mitigating stressors and their impacts on marine animal populations and ecosystem health.

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