Jessica V. Redfern

Senior Scientist and Chair of the Spatial Ecology,
Mapping, and Assessment Program (EcoMap)

T: 617-973-0255



Ph.D., Environmental Science, Policy, and Management; University of California, Berkeley, 2002.


Dr. Jessica Redfern is a Senior Scientist and Chair of the Spatial Ecology, Mapping, and Assessment Program (EcoMap) at the Anderson Cabot Center. The goal of this program is to assess risk to marine species from human use and climate change. The program uses innovative monitoring and modeling techniques to provide a framework for internal and external collaborators to develop solutions to marine conservation challenges.  Examples of the conservation challenges that this program addresses include ship strikes, chronic noise, entanglement, and minimizing impacts of wind energy.

Jessica develops cetacean-habitat models and uses predictions from these models to assess risk to cetaceans.  Her current projects include assessing the risk of ships striking whales in areas with high shipping traffic around the world, developing methods to assess entanglement risk, identifying priority habitat for large whales, and using oceanographic data to interpret trends in the abundance of cetaceans.

  1. Select Publications

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