The Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life at the New England Aquarium is composed of more than 30 world-class marine scientists and technical specialists who have devoted their careers to improving ocean health through leveraging applied research and data-driven conservation efforts. Learn more about them and their research.


Vice Presidents

John Mandelman, Ph.D., Vice President and Chief Scientist
Scott Kraus, Ph.D., Vice President, Senior Science Advisor, and Chief Scientist, Marine Mammals Conservation
William Spitzer, Ph.D., Vice President, Programs, Exhibits and Planning

Senior Scientists and Program Directors

Moira Brown, Ph.D., Senior Scientist
Elizabeth Burgess, Ph.D., Associate Scientist I
Salvatore Cerchio, Ph.D., Anderson Cabot Center Visitin Scientist
Jeff Kneebone, Ph.D., Associate Scientist I
Amy Knowlton, Senior Scientist
Charles Innis, VDM, Associated Scientist
Katie McConnell, Director, Operations
Dan Pendleton, Ph.D., Research Scientist I
Ester Quintana, Ph.D., Research Scientist I
Rosalind Rolland, DVM, Director, Marine Stress and Ocean Health
Elizabeth Stephenson, Program Officer and Chair, MCAF
Tim Werner, Ph.D., Senior Scientist and Chair, Bycatch Program
Nick Whitney, Ph.D., Senior Scientist and Chair, FSET

Program and Scientific Staff

Michelle Cho, Project Lead, Wild Fisheries
Jennifer Couture, Senior Analyst
Bess Edwards, Program Coordinator
Susan Flaherty, Administration and Fiscal Coordinator
Katherine Graham, Assistant Scientist
Marianna Hagbloom, Research Assistant
Philip Hamilton, Research Scientist I
Brooke Hodge, Associate Scientist I
Kelsey Howe, Research Assistant
Emily Jones, Associate Scientist I
Anita Kim, Research Lab Ops Manager
Richard Malloy Jr., Fisheries Research Associate
Marilyn Marx, Assistant Scientist
Paul Nagelkirk, Research Assistant
Heather Pettis, Associate Scientist I
Joel Southall, Manager, Corporate Engagement, SSP
Matt Thompson, Project Lead, Aquaculture
Monica Zani, Assistant Scientist