Anita Kim

Assistant Scientist
Laboratory Operations Manager

T: 617-226-2138



M.S., Marine Biology, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, 2002
B.A., Biology (Japanese minor), University of Delaware, 1999


Anita Kim is an Assistant Scientist who raises and studies larval and juvenile American lobsters (Homarus americans). As part of this work, she manages the Lobster Research and Rearing Facility at the New England Aquarium. Anita is also the laboratory operations manager for the John H. Prescott Marine Laboratory, the physical lab of the Anderson Cabot Center. Anita started at the New England Aquarium in 2004 as a Program Educator and later was a volunteer in the Lobster Facility before being hired as the Facility Manager in 2005. Her studies on lobsters have included shell color, nutrition, shell disease, and disease treatment.

  1. Select Publications

    Tlusty, A. Kim, K.M. Castro. Modeling shell disease in American lobster (Homarus americanus) as individual-based health trajectories.  Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. 71(6):  808–813.  June 2014.

    Whitten, C Davies, A. Kim, M. Tlusty, E. Wooton, A. Chistoserdov, A. Rowley.  Cuticles of European and American lobsters harbor diverse bacterial species that affect disease susceptibility.  Microbiology Open.  3(3):  395-409.  June 2014.

    C.E. Davies, M. Whitten, A. Kim, E. Wootton, T. Maffeis, M. Tlusty, C. Vogan, A. Rowley.  A comparison of the structure of American (Homarus americanus) and European (Homarus gammarus) lobster cuticle with particular reference to shell disease susceptibility.  Journal of Invertebrate Pathology.  117:  33-41.  March 2014.

    R. Quinn, A. Metzler, R. Smolowitz, M. Tlusty, and A. Chistoserdov.  Exposures of Homarus americans Shell to Three Bacteria Isolated from Naturally Occurring Epizootic Shell Disease Lesions.  Journal of Shellfish Research 31(2):  485-493. 2012.

    M. Tlusty and A. Metzler.  Relationship between temperature and shell disease in laboratory populations of juvenile American lobsters (Homarus americanus).  Journal of Shellfish Research.  31(2):  533-541.  2012.