brooke hodge

Brooke Hodge

Associate Scientist
GIS Specialist
Spatial Ecology, Mapping, and Assessment (EcoMap)



M.En., Environmental Sciences, Miami University, 2010
Geographic Information Sciences (GISci) Certificate, Miami University, 2010
B.S., Environmental Policy and Planning, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, 2008


Brooke Hodge is an associate research scientist/GIS specialist with the Spatial Ecology, Mapping, and Assessment Program (EcoMap). Her research interests focus on using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology and computer programing to understand the various impacts and risks of human activities on the marine environment and its inhabitants, with a particular focus on the North Atlantic right whale; map marine mammal species distributions and species diversity; analyze ocean use conflicts and ecosystem tradeoffs; and support conservation initiatives. She also leverages her GIS expertise to enhance all programs at the Anderson Cabot Center.

  1. Select Publications

    Hodge, B.C., Pendleton, D.E., Ganley, L.C., O’Brien, O., Kraus, S.D., Quintana-Rizzo, E., Redfern, J.V. (2022). Identifying predictors of species diversity to guide designation of Marine Protected Areas. In Review.

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    Auster, P.J., Hodge, B.C., McKee, M.P., & Kraus, S.D. (2020). A scientific Basis for Designation of the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument. Frontiers in Marine Science, 7, 566.

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