Connor Capizzano

Connor Capizzano

Graduate Research Assistant
Fisheries Science and Emerging Technologies

T: (401) 584-3959





Ph.D., Marine Science and Technology, School for the Environment, University of Massachusetts Boston, Present.
M.S., Marine Sciences, University of New England, 2015.
B.S., Marine Biology, University of Rhode Island, 2011.


Connor Capizzano is a candidate at the University of Massachusetts Boston and has been a graduate research assistant with the Anderson Cabot Center since September 2015. His dissertation focuses on conducting field-based tagging studies to investigate the discard mortality of various groundfish in the Gulf of Maine recreational fishery. Recent projects include estimating the discard mortality rate of Atlantic cod, haddock, cusk, and black sea bass in northeast U.S. recreational fisheries and identifying which methods and tools can promote survival. By collaborating on projects with both fishing industry members and regional scientists, Connor hopes to aid stock assessments and management bodies with the long-term sustainability of these marine resources.

Connor’s future work hopes to probe deeper into the human-environmental dynamics of the recreational fishery, such as the perceptions and motivations of anglers in the region targeting groundfish and identifying the most appropriate communication channels when releasing recommended methods and tools to the community.

  1. Select Publications

    Capizzano, C.W., Zemeckis, D.R., Hoffman, W.S., Benoît, H.P., Jones, E., Dean, M.J., Ribblett, N., Sulikowski, J.A., Mandelman, J.W. Fishery-scale discard mortality rate estimate for haddock in the Gulf of Maine recreational fishery. North American Journal of Fisheries Management. doi: 10.1002/nafm.10328.

    Capizzano, C.W., Mandelman, J.W., Hoffman, W.S., Dean, M.J., Zemeckis, D.R., Benoît, H.P., Kneebone, J., Jones, E., Stettner, M.J., Buchan, N.J., et al. 2016. Estimating and mitigating the discard mortality of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) in the Gulf of Maine recreational rod-and-reel fishery. ICES Journal of Marine Science 73:2342–2355. doi:10.1093/icesjms/fsw058.

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  3. Affiliations

    University of Massachusetts Boston (PhD Candidate)
    American Fisheries Society (Member)
    American Institute of Fishery Research Biologists (Member; Young Professionals Representative)