IMG Jenny Couture Headshot

Jennifer Couture

Senior Analyst, Fisheries and Aquaculture Solutions Program

T: 617-720-5108


MESM, Coastal Marine Resource Management, The Bren School of Environmental Science & Management, University of California Santa Barbara, 2015

B.A., Biology, College of the Holy Cross, 2013


Jennifer Couture is a Senior Analyst with the Fisheries and Aquaculture Solutions Program.  Her work is focused on assessing seafood products for our corporate partners and improving the environmental performance of the seafood industry by strengthening seafood sustainability initiatives. Prior to joining the Anderson Cabot Center she worked as a Fisheries Analyst at Environmental Defense Fund to improve the sustainability of wild-caught fisheries by partnering with a wide variety of stakeholders and evaluating the biological, economic, and social performance of fisheries management.

  1. Select Publications

    Anthony Koslow and Jennifer Couture.  October 2014.  “Pacific Ocean observation programs: gaps in ecological time series.” Marine Policy 51: 408 – 414.

    Anthony Koslow and Jennifer Couture.  October 2013.  “Ocean sciences: Follow the fish.”  Nature 502: 163 – 164.