matt thompson

Matt Thompson

Project Lead

T: 617-226-2219
F: 617-973-0242



M.S., Aquaculture, University of Stirling, Scotland, UK, 2001
B.S., Marine Science, University of Southampton, UK, 2000


Matt Thompson is the Aquaculture Project Lead for the Anderson Cabot Center. His role is twofold; primarily, he is responsible for researching and developing reports and recommendations related to aquaculture for corporate partners, but he also undertakes special projects designed to expedite the development and uptake of more sustainable aquaculture practices. Since joining the New England Aquarium in 2007, he has developed expertise in all areas of aquaculture, traveled to multiple aquaculture operations around the world, and authored more than 50 sustainability reports across a range of farmed species from numerous countries. Through his participation on technical committees, he has helped promote sustainability criteria in aquaculture certification standards. Matt also has hands-on experience in lobster and algal culture through internships at the Bar Harbor Oceanarium in Maine and Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution in Florida.

  1. Select Publications

    Tlusty, M.F., Thompson, M. & Tausig, H. Statistical tools to assess the breadth and depth of shrimp aquaculture certification schemes. (2015). Fisheries Research. doi:10.1016/j.fishres.2015.10.008

    Tlusty, M., Tausig, H., Taranovski, T., Jeans, M., Thompson, M., Cho, M., Eppling, M. Clermont, J.J., Goldstein, J. and Fitzsimons, E.. Refocusing Seafood Sustainability as a Journey Using the Law of the Minimum. (2012) Sustainability 2012, 4, 2038-2050; doi:10.3390/su4092038

  2. News

  3. Conferences

    • Key speaker (2017) Seed and sustainability: The role of hatcheries in improving aquaculture sustainability and the bottom line. Taiwan International Fisheries and Seafood Show.
    • Panelist and organizer (2017). Seed and sustainability: The role of hatcheries in improving aquaculture sustainability and the bottom line. Boston Seafood Expo.
    • Moderator and organizer (2016). Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Funding Aquaculture Improvement But Were Afraid To Ask. Boston Seafood Expo.
    • Moderator (2015). Aquaculture: Transitioning to Sustainable and Diversified Products. MIT Sustainability Summit.
    • Panelist and organizer (2014). Legally “Green”: Environmental claims in the seafood marketplace. Boston Seafood Expo.
    • Panelist and organizer (2013). Lessons learned: How the shrimp industry can recover and be more sustainable in a post-EMS world. Boston Seafood Expo.
    • Panelist and organizer (2013). What’s in a Claim? Making environmental market claims in the Seafood Market. Seafood Summit. New Orleans. Moderator; Untapped potential for sustainability: Exploring Aquaculture Innovation in Asia (2013)
    • Moderator (2012). Untapped Potential for Sustainability: Exploring Innovation in Asian Aquaculture. Seafood Summit. September 2012. Hong Kong.
    • Thompson, M. (2011) New England Aquarium’s Sustainable Seafood Program and thoughts on Canadian Aquaculture. Reporting on Canadian Sustainability Workshop. November 2011. Ottawa.