A Trip Out of Town

The view from an overlook in the Highlands National Park. Photo: Monica Zani

While the winds continued their relentless attack on us, we figured we’d earned a break from work and left our computers behind for a day to get outdoors (on land, this time). We decided to check out the amazing national park just to the north of us.  The Cape Breton Highlands National Park is a beautiful and vast park that stretches from the Atlantic Coast to Gulf of St. Lawrence Coast.

The steep roads through Highlands National Park. Photo: Monica Zani
The picturesque harbor of Pleasant Bay. Photo: Monica Zani

After a trip through the park we arrived in the tiny and properly named town of Pleasant Bay. Pleasant Bay is a hub for pilot whale watching activity and has a small but well worthwhile Whale Interpretive Center. The center is a great source of information on all whales that inhabit the Gulf of St. Lawrence waters, and they proudly display right whale information on the walls. I spoke with the manager who was interested and excited to hear about our survey work out of Cheticamp. She was also extremely knowledgeable about right whales, and I look forward to sending her more right whale information so they can continue to educate locals and the public about the species!

The Whale Interpretive Center in Pleasant Bay. Photo: Monica Zani