And… More Humpbacks!

Due to unfavorable weather conditions, the team’s next survey day in the Bay of Fundy was Sunday, July 24. We thought we had lots of fin and humpback whales last week– little did we know that this survey would allow us to find even more individuals! The final count for the day was 10 fin whales and 17 humpbacks!

A close look at the head of a humpback whale. Photo: Celia Jellison
A curious humpback whale exhales as it comes to the surface. Photo: Celia Jellison

Two of the humpbacks were very curious about the Nereid. The vessel was shut down as the team photographed the whales, who rolled on their sides to catch a glimpse of what was floating next to them. Although the team has encountered numerous close approaches by humpbacks over the years, this was a thrilling experience for all onboard.

Another good look at the knobs, or tubercles, on the head. Photo: Celia Jellison

To top the day off, a humpback poop sample was also collected! The sample will later be analyzed for hormone content, providing insight into the whale’s level of stress and reproductive status.

A fluking humpback whale. Photo: Yan Guilbault