The numbers are in! Here are the tallies for the 2019 Bay of Fundy and Gulf of St. Lawrence summer field surveys…*drumroll*

Maps created by Brooke Hodge, Anderson Cabot Center/NEAQ.

Bay of Fundy:

8 weeks in the field
12 team members
12 pounds of coffee
18 survey days
1758 nautical miles surveyed
9 right whale individuals
11 right whale sighting events
0 mom/calf pairs
1 airlocked engine
10+ additional issues with the boat
2 documentary film crews
1 hurricane
1082 harbor porpoise sightings
1 orca whale (!)
1 “sea snake”

Gulf of St. Lawrence:

6 weeks in the field
14 team members (including our fantastic Captain and Mate!)
5+ pounds of coffee
29 survey days
1139 nautical miles surveyed
110 right whale individuals
543 right whale sighting events
4 mom/calf pairs
3 entangled whales
1 satellite telemetry buoy deployed (allowed for partial disentanglement)
4 poop samples
3 biopsy samples
0 issues with the boat
1 press conference
1 bowhead whale (!)
4 “sea snakes”

This work is made possible in part by the generosity of Irving Oil, lead sponsor of the New England Aquarium’s North Atlantic Right Whale Research Program.