These Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life programs are transforming cutting-edge conservation and research efforts into real-world solutions to help reduce human threats to Earth’s oceans in a changing climate.

  1. [IMG] A tangled North Atlantic right whale drags fishing gear.

    Wildlife and Ocean Health

    Our researchers work to understand, quantify, and reduce the consequences of human activities on the health of marine species and ecosystems.

  2. [IMG] Right whale researchers watch a whale from a boat.

    Kraus Marine Mammal Conservation Program

    Marine mammals are under threat in the ocean like never before, creating multiple challenges for species and ecosystem survival.

  3. [IMG] A dolphin jumps out of the water next to a boat.

    Marine Conservation Leadership Program

    We are building and supporting a new generation of conservation leaders with 21st century skills.

  4. [IMG] A manta ray jumps out of the water.

    Marine Conservation Action Fund (MCAF)

    MCAF provides conservation leaders in developing nations with the financial and professional support they need to be successful.

  5. [IMG] Anderson Cabot Center scientist measures a skate.

    Fisheries Science and Emerging Technologies Program (FSET)

    Our scientists are using cutting-edge technology to investigate critical fisheries issues.

  6. [IMG] A turtle escapes a fishing net thanks to a TED: Turtle Excluder Device. Credit: NOAA.


    We are connecting a global network of stakeholders to improve the application of research and reduce bycatch worldwide.

  7. [IMG] A SCUBA diver inspects seaweed aquaculture.

    BalanceBLUE Lab

    With a vision for a vibrant and vital ocean for future generations, the New England Aquarium (NEAq) promotes sustainable and responsible growth of the “blue economy”.

  8. Climate change

    Spatial Ecology, Mapping, and Assessment Program (EcoMap)

    EcoMap researchers collect and analyze data to develop solutions that reduce risks to marine species from human activities and climate change.