MCAF Fellow John Flynn

John Flynn

2018 MCAF Fellow

Founder, Conservation Director,


Coming from a background of marketing and graphic design and later as a helicopter pilot, John has spent the last decade of his life building his experience throughout Africa, India, Asia, and Greece in wildlife conservation. During these years, he earned a diploma in marine biology and gained experience in sea turtle conservation and rehabilitation. In 2011, he and his colleague Neil Davis founded Wildseas in Ghana and assembled and trained a team of local people in sea turtle conservation. Through its Safe Release Program, Wildseas has garnered the cooperation of fishermen to ensure turtles are released alive from their nets. Through this program, John’s team has helped rescue, tag, and release hundreds of turtles. John and his team take a multidisciplinary approach to conservation by working to educate residents of local communities, youth, and government officials and connecting with other NGOs in neighboring regions and countries.


Sea Turtles, Conservation Leadership, Social Media, Public Speaking, Conservation in Developing Countries, Advocacy, and Education

John Flyn examining sea turtle
MCAF Fellow and Wildseas Founder Capt. John Flynn attends to little Billy.