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A right whale in the vicinity of a large vessel in the Bay of Fundy. Photographer: Yan Guilbault. Credit: Anderson Cabot Center, New England Aquarium. Collected under Canadian SARA permit.

Right Whales

Right Whale Consortium Releases 2020 Report Card Update

November 9, 2020

356 whales. That’s all scientists believe remains of the iconic North Atlantic right whales. ...Read More

entangled right whale

Right Whales

North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium Releases 2019 Report Card

November 26, 2019

Only 409 whales. That’s what scientists believe is the number of remaining iconic North Atlantic right whales....Read More

right whale looks at camera

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2018 Right Whale Report Card

November 9, 2018

This week at its annual conference, the North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium (NARWC) released its annual “report card” on the status of this endangered population. ...Read More

News & Features

After 15 Right Whale Deaths, Scientists Gather at Annual Meeting

October 23, 2017

After an unprecedented year with 15 North Atlantic right whale deaths on record, the North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium (NARWC) held its annual meeting. ...Read More