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Blog sobre Espuma, la ballena franca austral patagónica

January 26, 2021

Florencia dirige un proyecto que busca integrar fotografías de ballenas francas australes tomadas desde embarcaciones por operadores de avistamiento de ballenas con el catálogo de encuestas aéreas......Read More


Blog about Espuma the Patagonian Southern Right Whale

January 26, 2020

Florencia directs a project that seeks to integrate boat-based southern right whale photographs taken by whale watch operators with the 48-year aerial survey catalog curated by ICB, to improve the......Read More

MCAF Fellow Florencia Vilches.


MCAF: Right Whales that Cross Hemispheres

February 5, 2019

Marine Conservation Action Fund Fellow Florencia Vilches discusses her trip to Central Wharf during summer 2018. ...Read More


A Tale of Two Right Whales

July 9, 2018

Our scientists have been helping the North Atlantic right whale for decades, but did you know that the Anderson Cabot Center is also working to support another right whale species?...Read More